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My first gig was doing magic atop the World Trade Center at Windows on the World restaurant on Thanksgiving in 1980.


ŌFrom then on it was all downhill as I couldnÕt go any higher.Õ


The purpose of magic is to entertain your audience – and thatÕs exactly what I do. No matter where you are in the world, no matter what your venue is, or what itÕs for, I will entertain you and your guests, whether itÕs for 1 hour for 10 people or 8 hours for 1,000 people – IÕve done it!


I do platform magic on a small stage, close-up magic right in front of you, but not stage magic which is done on a large stage for thousands of people. I leave that to TV and Broadway. `I do conventional magic for conventional parties and Ōadult partiesĶ with unconventional patter. No matter the occasion, surprise parties, weddings, religious occasions, restaurant magic, childrenÕs parties, corporate functions, sales presentations using magic to increase company sales, dignitary functions, and for any occasion you can think of.


My audience says that IÕm the greatest magician in the world, and they tell me so when they see me perform, and they say, ŌYouÕre good!Ķ I answer, ŌI wish my wife would say that.Ķ



Call me now, 917-846-3284



 And tell me about your event so we can discuss making it a very special event for you.




P.S. I also teach magic to adults who want to be the life of the party or increase their income using magic in their sales pitches to customers. I offer a 6-lesson course in magic for $250, once a week for 6 weeks in my house here in Greenville, SC or anywhere you live! Go for it!