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Zal became interested in magic at the age of 46. He learned the basics hanging around the New York crowd of magicians who at that time met every Saturday afternoon in the back room of the Bellmore cafeteria, on Park Avenue South and 28th street. He never missed a Saturday meeting, watching and learning from the best magicians in the world, including Tony Slydini, who took him on as a student for six months, Harry Lorayne, the memory expert and a master with a deck of cards, and Sol Stone, among others, a brilliant storyteller and creator of unbelievable coin tricks.

Zal was a businessman, now retired, and is still a professional close-up magician who has created many of his own effects and tricks, for sale. He performs at trade shows, conventions, children’s and adult parties, and restaurants, He offers a 6-week course to children 8 and over and to adults.

In his own words,” My first gig was on Thanksgiving, the third Thursday in November, 1980. It was atop the twin towers in New York City at ‘Windows on the World Restaurant’. I knew just 3 tricks. I went from table to table doing them. I was so jittery then. A Japanese businessman sitting around a table for 8 people gave me a $20 tip after I did the tricks for the group. I felt higher than a kite. Little did I know that it was downhill from then, as I couldn’t perform any higher!”

“As a matter of fact, I still do those same tricks today. A professional magician only needs to know few tricks for a lot of people. Amateur magicians need to know a lot of tricks for few people.”

Zal now lives with his wife Janet in St. Augustine, Florida. His intention was to bring close-up magic to children and adults and he has succeeded in doing this. This website was created for you to reserve tickets to his magic shows, on Saturday and Sundays at 1:00pm at the location on the handout flyer. The shows will be expanded to other days and hours, as attendance increases.  He differentiates from other performing magicians in that he not only performs magic, he provides free tricks to children 7 and older, and teaches how to do them. He also sells some of the tricks that he performs.