Order my internet close-up magic course for your child, 10 and older, and you’ll have a magician in your house in just 5 weeks!

I put on children’s magic shows here in St. Augustine, FL. I entertain and teach tricks they can take home. The covid-19 pandemic put a halt to that and I don’t know when I can re-open.

I’m Zalman Puchkoff, known as Zalman the Magician when I’m doing magic, for over 38 years. I decided, with my free time now, to create a 5-week internet close-up magic course for children that you may be interested in buying for your child while the world recovers.

The course fee is just $29

Anyone can do these 10 tricks! They are for all ages, 10 and up, boys, girls, and want-to-be magicians. Your child has to have the intention, and the incentive to be called a ‘magician’. Here’s how it works, and my directions are to your child:

▪ You do not have to spend a penny on props!

▪ I email you every Saturday morning, for 5 weeks, the directions for making and performing 2 tricks. Here’s the agenda:


WEEK 1:          Paddles: 2 tricks
WEEK 2:          Ropes:  2 tricks
WEEK 3            Matches: 2 tricks
WEEK 4            Paper clips: 1 trick, coins, 1 trick
WEEK 5            Cups & aspirin: 1 trick, twirling a magic wand: 1 trick

▪ You can carry all or some of the tricks wherever you go, in your pocket or purse
▪ I provide special passwords on my website, ZalmanTheMagician.com, to view videos of me performing 2 tricks every week with tutorials of how they are done.
▪ You have access to all of the videos at the end of the course for any length of time. They are available to view for you only, as a purchaser of my course.
▪ The tricks can be learned at home on your own time-table, one trick at a time.

Motivation gets you started, making it a habit will help you become a magician

▪ When you learn the tricks, you will be a magician

▪ You do not have to learn all the tricks, only those that fit your personality and your ability to learn the technique.

▪ At the end of the course,  you will receive a laminated certificate, attesting that you are a magician, to frame on your wall.


Click on ‘Order button’ and fill out the enrollement form. Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Diners club.


Zal Puchkoff


My Magic Show

Magic colleagues, wanna-be-magicians, and even professionals; I’ve put together a 5 act internet magic show consisting of 25 of my close-up tricks, 5 tricks each month on video, starting in December 2020. This show is not like any other magic show you’ve ever seen – on the web or live.

  • You can sit back and be entertained with 25 tricks
  • You can buy magic tricks on my website not available in any magic store Click here to buy
  • You can buy 15 tutorials of the tricks you see you want to learn how to do at $3 each. There are no tutorials in the videos. you can buy the Tutorials. Click here to buy Tutorials. Many of the tricks use simple everyday items you can get anywhere, as shown in the photos below.

$25 admission fee

I’ll be ready to perform soon – and I need an audience! I want YOU to be my audience and buy a subscription to my show now.
The 5 shows cost $25, and I’ll be showing you 25 tricks – that’s $1 a trick – and each of the 15 tutorials are in print form. The order form explains how to buy them, when you sign up on my website.

Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diners club. Your subscription will show Zalman Puchkoff on your bank statement.