My Magic Show

Magic colleagues, wanna-be-magicians, and even professionals; I’ve put together a 5 act internet magic show consisting of 25 of my close-up tricks, 5 tricks each month on video, starting in December 2020. This show is not like any other magic show you’ve ever seen – on the web or live.

  • You can sit back and be entertained with 25 tricks
  • You can buy magic tricks on my website not available in any magic store
  • You can buy 15 tutorials of the tricks you see you want to learn how to do at $3 each. There are no tutorials in the videos. All of the tricks use simple everyday items you can get anywhere.

I’ll be ready to perform soon – and I need an audience! I want YOU to be my audience and buy a subscription to my show now.

The 5 shows cost $25, and I’ll be showing you 25 tricks – that’s $1 a trick – and each of the 15 tutorials are in print form. The order form explains how to buy them, so click the green button now!